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Building Future Hospitality Leaders

With Gecko Hospitality you’ll be working with a specialised recruitment agency for hospitality, and consultants and headhunters who understand exactly where you do business and what you need from talent.
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Our experience

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Hospitality Recruiters That Specialise In Your Niche.

Gecko is more than a hospitality recruitment agency. Our experts work exclusively within their field – making them specialists who work like headhunters, not generalists. Their experience makes them as well-qualified as the candidates we place.

Partnering with Gecko, you’ll work with a recruitment agency who truly knows your market and what it takes to be successful in any industry or niche that we serve. Whether it’s a family-friendly resort, a hotel specialising in business conferences or a thriving vacation club.

Industries we Serve

Hospitality is our forte.

Restaurant Hotel & Resort Country Club Event Management Healthcare/Senior Living Private Estate Casino
Our restaurant executive recruiters know where to find proven leaders with the right experience to make your restaurant craveable.

Restaurants that make the “best-of” lists know how important it is to have the right people in both the front and back of the house. If you want to be among the go-to locations in your area, trust us to help you get there.

Our restaurant executive recruiters know where to find proven leaders with the right experience to make your restaurant craveable.

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Hotel & Resort
Find candidates that fit your culture.

It takes one to know one – that’s why most of our hotel recruiters are industry veterans who came to Gecko Hospitality from senior positions in the hotel industry. Now, they use their incredible insight to find and place the candidate that will fit within your culture.

As industry insiders and experienced hotel management headhunters, we know what’s happening in the hotel industry today, what trends to watch for and how to find and attract the kind of leaders your hotel needs to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Country Club
Private Club members expect high-level service from everyone they interact with, so you need club staff members committed to exceeding their expectations every time.

Our private club headhunters are industry insiders who came to Gecko Hospitality from senior positions in private clubs. They know what it takes to keep members happy, and they leverage their knowledge of the latest private club trends to identify and attract professionals with the vision and experience to make a significant impact on your private club.

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Event Management
Providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for guests is the number one priority for any resort or hotel.

It’s essential to fill any open hotel or resort management jobs with the very best in the business.

Gecko conducts a high volume of mid-senior management searches from our vast network of qualified candidates. We know not only what to look for, but who to look for, tapping game-changing hotel and resort managers who are already making an impact in the industry 

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Healthcare/Senior Living
The senior living industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the world.

The senior living industry is massive and is continuing to grow causing an increasing demand for qualified job candidates. On top of that is the increased demand for qualified, compassionate workers to serve in assisted living facilities.

The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. Gecko Hospitality not only finds qualified and compassionate management candidates for you but uses a vetting process to ensure you are getting the right candidates to fill your senior living open positions.

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Private Estate
Talent within private estates can derive from a variety of industries – not just the obvious one.

Gecko Hospitality’s network includes thousands of private estate, luxury resort, hotel and private club candidates – allowing us the ability to expand your search for the most qualified talent within the private estate world and beyond.

When Confidentiality is paramount, trust our recruiting professionals at Gecko Hospitality.

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Extensive talent network of experienced casino experts

Casino executives and managers must possess knowledge of casino security, technology and regulatory compliance while maintaining the level of luxury your guests expect. We take the risk out of finding the right candidates for your casino.

Our recruiters are more than casino headhunters; they are true experts in identifying the ideal talent for your casino, no matter where it’s located. Why? Because they came to Gecko Hospitality from senior positions in the casino and hospitality industries.

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Our Recruitment Process

The pathway to impactful hires.

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Client Review

We collaborate to understand your company’s culture and vision. Together we discuss management style, salary, and benefit structures to assess which candidates will most closely match your requirements

Job Order Consultation And Strategic Search Plan

Together we define job specifications, discuss the managerial metrics education, and leadership competencies required to perform the position at a high level, and set reporting and compensation expectations.

Candidate Recruitment

Leveraging Gecko Hospitality's expansive candidate network through our proprietary sourcing methodology and state-of-the-art applicant tracking system, we present only the first-in-class candidates that align with the insights from our strategic search blueprint.

Close The Candidate

After identifying the perfect candidate for the role, Gecko Hospitality extends the offer and outlines the benefit package. Upon offer acceptance, we lead the candidate through the ethical process of leaving their current employer.

Should an offer not be forthcoming, our expert consultants convey the decision both professionally and positively, ensuring the credibility of your business and maintaining a warm and genuine rapport with the candidate.

Client Follow-Up

Once the candidate begins employment, our consultant maintains open communication to monitor the candidate’s progression and your satisfaction.

Values We Live By

Putting People First

At Gecko Hospitality we prioritise people by fostering an environment of growth, respect, and open communication for our team, thereby enhancing our candidate and client experiences and driving business success.

Pursuing Excellence

We're shaking up the hospitality industry with our professional, data-driven approach, state-of-the-art technology, and proven methodology to provide exceptional solutions for your executive and management positions - we're not just doing business, we're changing the game!

Embracing Change

In the dynamic world of recruiting, change is the only constant. We're not just about embracing change – we use it as a strategic advantage. With our cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence, Gecko is transforming industry challenges into stepping stones for success. Change is nothing more than a synonym for opportunity.

Acting With Integrity

Why does this matter? Because in our line of work, credibility isn't just about ticking boxes or meeting quotas. It's about being a reliable partner who you can count on, no matter what. It's about ensuring that every decision we make, every candidate we recommend, is done with your best interests at heart.

Empathy and Compassion

What's the big deal, you ask? Well, in our industry, it's not just about filling vacancies. You see, we're not only about connecting candidates to jobs, we're about putting ourselves in their shoes and understanding their dreams, their aspirations, and their needs.


Walk in our clients shoes

Gecko Hospitality helped me fill a unique position in a fraction of the time it has previously taken. Chris used his

-Marla Neely, Vice President - Special Events
“…Gecko saved me the time and frustration I usually encounter with the hiring process…”

Candidate Testimonials

Each of our candidates showcases a story of ambition, partnership, and several hiring success stories within the hospitality industry.
Case Studies

Results in review.

Discover how we break barriers in hospitality recruitment.

A concise summary of our standout transformations, showcasing our ability to merge our proficiency and attention to detail with our clients’ requirements to ensure expert handling of their recruitment briefs and talent needs.

Restaurant Manager
Casual Dining Restaurant

This casual dining restaurant was facing a staffing shortage within its management ranks, which was negatively impacting the overall efficiency and productivity of the business. They needed an experienced and dedicated restaurant manager who could lead the team effectively, improve customer satisfaction, and drive the restaurant's growth.

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Food and Beverage Director
5 Star Upscale Hotel

This upscale restaurant was grappling with the need to innovate its food and beverage offerings while maintaining its high standards of service. They required a seasoned Food and Beverage Director capable of navigating market trends, exploring new culinary options, and managing the restaurant's operations without compromising on quality.

Read More
Director of Housekeeping
Upscale Hotel

This upscale hotel was dealing with a significant challenge within their housekeeping department. They needed an experienced and dedicated Director of Housekeeping who could elevate the standards of cleanliness, improve guest satisfaction, and drive the team's performance.

Read More
Regional Multi-Level Manager
Fast Casual Dining Chain

The fast casual dining chain was grappling with a lack of leadership across multiple locations, which was taking a toll on their overall performance and customer satisfaction. They were in need of a seasoned Regional Multi-Level Manager who could effectively oversee operations, enhance customer experience, and drive the growth of all their restaurants.

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Private Club Manager
Elite Country Club

This elite country club was facing a management gap that was causing a dip in efficiency and member satisfaction. The club needed an experienced and dedicated Private Club Manager who could effectively steer the team, enhance member experience, and drive the club's growth.

Read More
Cage Manager
Premier Casino

This premier casino was dealing with a gap in their management, which was negatively affecting the overall efficiency and productivity of their operations. They urgently needed an experienced Cage Manager who could effectively manage the team, improve customer satisfaction, and drive the casino's growth.

Read More

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